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Shelia Mader

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Bulldogs Headed to Regionals after 4-0 shutout over Bay

  • Published in Sports

The Marianna Bulldogs are headed to regionals after a solid 4-0 win over the Bay High Tornadoes at Bulldog Field last Tuesday night. Coach Bobby Hughes sent his ace, junior Cameron Gray to the mound for the big game and Gray did not disappoint, shutting out the Tornadoes.  Gray allowed no runs, three hits, one walk, while fanning 11 batters.  

Marianna struck early plating two runs in the first inning.  Gray helped himself out at the plate with a leadoff double and scored with one out on a single by Maxx Harrell.  Harrell stole second and with two outs, scored on a single by Caleb Torbett.  A flyout to right field ended the inning with the Dogs leading 2-0.  

Marianna scored one run in the second inning. Riley Torbett bunted safely to reach first but was out on an attempted steal of second. Randall Smith drew a walk and stole his way to third before Gray, with two outs, reached on an error that allowed Smith to score.  A fly out to left field left Gray stranded on first.  

Marianna added a run in the third inning with two outs in the inning. Caleb Torbett drew a walk and stole second base before a pair of passed balls allowed him to score.  Brolin VanHuss drew a walk and moved to third on passed balls before a ground out ended the inning.  

Marianna had opportunity in the fourth but could not execute a run.  With one out, Smith laid down a bunt and stole second. But a pair of outs left him stranded on second.

Marianna went down in order in the fifth inning and sixth inning but had the win secured.  

Marianna will travel to Jacksonville Tuesday to take on Bolles with a 6 p.m. first pitch.  

Congratulations to the Marianna High School baseball team, their coaches, and parents on a great season from the publisher and staff at the Jackson County Times. 

Sneads Pirates Baseball headed to state

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The Sneads Pirates baseball team earned a place in the state tournament after a sound defeat of Paxton last week, handing them a 5-1 loss before a packed crowd in Sneads.  Coach Laramie Dryden sent Kade Chatwood to the mound. Chatwood went six innings, gave up one run on two hits, four walks, and struck out five batters before giving way to Colton Mercer for the final inning.  Mercer retired the side in order on three strikeouts to preserve the win.

Sneads plated two runs in the bottom of the first inning beginning with a leadoff single by Chatwood. With one out, Jalen Kenner doubled home Chatwood.  With two outs, Michael Weeks drew a walk with Kenner scoring on his at bat.  A flyout to centerfield ended the inning.  

The Pirates added a run in the second inning with one out. Jay-Nathan Hayes singled and moved to second before Chatwood singled him home with two outs.  A strikeout ended the inning with Chatwood on second.  

A two-out single by Michael Weeks was the only offense for the Pirates in the third inning.  Sneads added a fourth run in the bottom of the fourth inning.  With two outs, Darius Raines singled and moved to second on Chatwood’s third single of the night.  An error allowed Chatwood to move around the bases to score before a strikeout ended the inning.  

Sneads was three up, three down in the fifth inning.  In the sixth inning, they had opportunity but could not execute a run.  Bryan Hamilton reached on an error to start things off, stole second and third before Darius Raines drew a two-out walk.  A groundout to short ended the inning with two left on base.

The Sneads Pirates were scheduled to leave Tuesday morning from Sneads for the state tournament in Ft. Myers.  They were scheduled to play Wednesday.  The Times will have full coverage and pictures from the state tournament in next week’s edition of the TIMES.

Congratulations to the Sneads Pirates on a fantastic season thus far from the publisher and staff at the Jackson County Times. 

County Commission meeting draws a crowd

Opposing deep injection disposal

The Jackson County Commissioners moved their monthly meeting Tuesday night from their commission meeting room to the Jackson County Extension office.  The move was made to accommodate the turnout expected to express their opposition to Waste Management’s request for a permit to drill a deep injection disposal well at Springhill Landfill in Campbellton.  The crowd heard from representatives of Waste Management, DEP, local resident Chad Taylor and a host of those present in the audience.  

County Commissioner Jim Peacock fired question after question at the speakers with Commissioner Chuck Lockey following suit.  

Senator George Gainer was in attendance and when asked to speak, he said, “Obviously, everybody here has better things to do on a Tuesday night than to come down here and hear about all this, but I appreciate you being here. I appreciate you being concerned about your future, your children’s future. A lot of this leachate, I understand is coming from Dothan and Okaloosa County.  Is that right?  So, we’re really importing the problem we’re looking at? I’d like to ask Mr. Dean what is the capacity of our treatment plant now?”

City Manager Jim Dean answered, “The City of Marianna’s capacity is currently four million gallons a day. We are presently just under one million a day so we are at about 24 percent of our capacity.” 

Senator Gainer replied, “You have a lot of capacity left?”  Dean said, “Yes, sir.”

Senator Gainer asked, “Is it more expensive in your opinion, I don’t know if you know the answer to this or not, to drill a well and to go through what they’re proposing?  

Jim Dean readily admitted he could not answer that question.

Senator Gainer: I can get someone to answer that later on, thank you. I’d like to say as far as the Senator from District 2, that the people I met with here tonight, the majority don’t want this well, and that will be where I stand on this thing tonight, tomorrow, and the next week.” Gainer was given a huge round of applause from the audience.   

Jackson County Administrator Ernie Padgett spoke, “Commissioners this is just a point of clarification because I think I must have misunderstood what the DEP gentleman that presented first said. Did you make a statement that the area of water treatment plants are at a max? Did you say that? That’s what I wrote down that you said. So we already found out that Marianna is at 25 percent capacity. I know y’all hauled over to Okaloosa County because I was the administrator over there. So was that a misstatement or did I misunderstand you?”

The Waste Management representative answered, “Yes, when I said that they were maxed out I was referring to the amount of leachate that they can accept from us and that they told us they would accept. Not the total capacity of the plant. So currently we are taking three loads a day I believe to the City of Marianna and that’s what we have been limited to. If we could take 10 loads a day to the City of Marianna we would do it. Right now, what we have been limited to three loads a day.  So, we have to take two loads to Okaloosa County and another load to Sneads. Then I also have to take some to Blakely, Georgia.”

Padgett asked, “Does Okaloosa County make the same statement that you can only bring three? I was over there three years ago and we were taking everything y’all brought over to our water treatment plant.”

Waste Management’s reply, “We’ve always been at Okaloosa, we’ve also been limited to three loads per day. That’s the max Okaloosa would take.”

Padgett countered with, “Let me ask because myself and vice-chairman Clint Pate met with DEP reps, some who are here tonight and also water management. We asked “How many of these same type wells are in the state of Florida?” The response we got, you said ‘two.” Did I misunderstand you?

Someone answered, “Four, two owned by Waste Management.”  Padgett again said, “You said, those wells, one was put in in 2010 and the other in 2007, is that correct? I just want to make sure that was accurate going back and forth.”

The DEP representative said, “Absolutely we appreciate that. There’s the four wells. The two that Waste Management owns, one was 2009, and the other was 2015. The two other wells were 1993 and 2011. So, it would be 1993, 2009, 2011, and 2015.”

Padgett replied, “Okay, the way I remember it, y’all said one well was down near Lake Okeechobee, one was somewhere in Charlotte County or somewhere just below that. Is that where the two wells are?”

The DEP representative said that the one in Charlotte was the 1993 well.

Padgett said that he had taken notes and it was 2010 and the other one 2007, with DEP responding that they would provide clarification. 

Padgett said, “Also, you talk about the test well. In fact, that well is THE well right? If it gets that far the leachate will be pumped down in there. But that’s not the second well, right?”  DEP confirmed with, “Right.” 

Padgett referred to the charts on the screen, “So, what we see up here is the well?  So, it’s not like y’all are going to put a test well in and then later another well, this will be a $5 million-dollar investment Waste Management is making?” 

The DEP representative said, “I can’t comment on the dollars that waste management is investing, but the well that will be injected for exploratory purposes, provided all the showings over the testing process required, yes.”

Padgett, “Let me ask you something while you’re up here with DEP, historically the wells that y’all monitor in the state, do y’all totally rely on Waste Management to draw the sample, to pay the consultant, they pay them. Then they pay actually the third party. Do y’all ever just show up and take samples of your own? Or do you totally rely on the profiteer and company to pay one of their consultants to furnish y’all the test? Do y’all ever go take your own samples.”  The DEP representative said, they had the power to do their own inspections but fell short of saying they actually did their own testing. 

It was later Dean who brought a round of applause from the crowd when he rebutted a statement made by the Waste Management representative.  It was stated that Marianna’s system was only at 24%, leaving room for 76% more waste.  The Waste Management representative countered with that although Marianna was only at 24%, they (Waste Management) was only allowed to haul three trucks a day to their facility, as had been the rule for some time.  Dean stated that Waste Management has hauled as many as seven trucks a day and on a regular basis and had not been told they could not bring seven into the Marianna treatment facility.  

Arthur Obar from Graceville had a question for the DEP representative, “Has this been given a rubber stamp?”  DEP replied it had not.  

NAACP President Ronstance Pittman spoke, stating she had letters from both the City of Marianna and the City of Sneads stating they were not at capacity at their treatment facilities and that no limit had been placed on the number of trucks delivering daily.  

J. P. Williams had a short and to the point request, “Monitor the monitors.”   

Tom Batey, Conservation Technician for Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District opposes the permitting by DEP.  He stated to the TIMES, “Pumping a foreign substance beneath the aquifer can only lead to pollution problems in the future.  And when this becomes a problem, farmers again will probably be blamed like they have been in the past for everything else. 

For those who would like to contact key people to express their opposition to the permit being granted,  below is a list of contacts and their email addresses, most of whom serve on the Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee, the Board members of the Northwest Florida Management District, and the Governor. 

Senate leaders:

 Water Management Board:


Sneads Pirates dominate in quarter regionals 16-6

  • Published in Sports

Sneads is headed to semi-regionals after a solid 16-6 victory over Central last Wednesday night before a huge home crowd.  Coach Laramie Dryden put the ball in Colton Mercer’s hand to lead his team to victory and he didn’t disappoint.  Mercer went the shortened distance of five innings due to the mercy rule, gave up six runs, four earned, on eight hits, three walks, and struck out four batters.  

Central scored two runs in the top of the first inning, with Sneads answering with four runs in the bottom of the second inning.  Central tied the game with two runs in the top of the third, but the Pirates proved they were stuck on four. They plated four runs in the bottom of the third, fourth and fifth innings while Central answered with only two runs in the top of the fourth.  

A two-out walk to Jalen Kenner went for nil as the next batter grounded out to third.  In the second inning, the Pirate offense came alive with four runs crossing the plate.  With two outs, Colton Mercer helped himself out by drawing a walk and scoring on a triple by Jay Nathan Hayes.  Hayes scored on an error before Turner Gainer singled and moved to second on a walk to Darius Raines.  Mac Danford doubled to score a pair of runs and then moved to third on a passed ball before the inning ended on a line drive to centerfield.  

Sneads added four more runs in the third inning. With one out, Michael Weeks doubled and moved to third on an error.  A single by Bryan Hamilton scored Weeks before a walk to Colton Mercer put runners on the corners.  With two outs, Turner Gainer loaded the bases with a walk to lead the way for a three RBI triple by Darius Raines made it a four-run inning.  A strikeout ended the inning.  

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Jalen Kenner singled to get things started.  Kenner stole second and moved to third on a single by Michael Weeks.  With one out, Mercer was hit by a pitch to load the bases for a sac fly to score one by Hayes.  Gainer singled to score the final runs of the inning before Raines drew a walk.  Two were left stranded when the next batter went down looking.  

The final four runs for the Pirates came in the fourth inning starting with a leadoff single by Kenner.  Kenner moved to third on a single by Dylan Driggers.  Weeks singled and moved to second on an error.  Bryan Hamilton drew a walk to load the bases.  With two outs, Turner Gainer singled and the final runs scored on a passed ball to end the game on the mercy rule.  

Sneads was scheduled to host Paxton Tuesday at 7 p.m.  A win in semi-regionals puts them one step closer to the final four.

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