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Reagan Dinner attendees hear from Governor Scott - Scholarships and Republican of the Year awarded

Last Wednesday night, approximately 300 people turned out for the annual fundraiser of the Jackson County Republican Party, honorably named the Reagan Dinner.  Governor Rick Scott was the guest speaker along with Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis making an appearance at the event also. 

“We are alive in Jackson County,” said Clint Pate, Jackson County Republican Party chairman.

The event has been going on for decades and serves as a fundraiser for the Republican party of Jackson County. 

“There for a while the Republican party was kind of laying low, but we’ve brought it to the forefront,” said Pate. “We’re trying to raise the party, the numbers, and it has. It’s almost doubled in the last seven years.”

It was Governor Scott’s second appearance in Marianna in as many months with a stop at the National Guard Armory last month to honor Jackson County veterans.  Scott talked about the importance of getting out and voting and his contributions to encouraging that with Floridians, “It’s exciting being here in Jackson County. I love traveling the state, I love talking to people, I love meeting people, I love hearing their stories, hearing their issues, and seeing what I can do to be helpful to them. The most important thing is to get people out to vote. Get people to volunteer, get the people out to vote, that’s how you win elections. I’m working hard to be the next U.S. senator from Florida. I’m going to represent Florida. I’m going to represent everybody all across the state, and every county across the state. So, it’s exciting to be here, I’m in, most of the time, two cities a day. It’s always fun to get out here and talk to people.”

When asked if he was traveling elsewhere Wednesday Governor Scott said, “I’ll be going back to Tallahassee tonight. One thing I got to announce tonight is that 56 out of 66 sheriffs have now endorsed me. The Holmes County Sheriff, John Tate endorsed me tonight. I announced I think on Monday that 55 Sheriffs endorsed me, so now we have our 56th. It’s a bipartisan group, so the most important thing you can do as a state is make sure everyone is safe. When you do that you get more jobs, and you have an education system where people can go learn rather than worry about their safety.”

The governor spent part of his speech, highlighting his goals, if elected to the US senate.

Following the Governor’s speech, those attending enjoyed their feast catered from Outback Steakhouse before the Republican of the Year and the scholarship recipients were awarded. 

Connie Butts, town manager for Sneads was named Jackson County Republican of the Year. Butts was very nothing short of surprised, “What a pleasant surprise to be honored this way.  I feel we are working hard in Jackson County to encourage people to register and vote and I feel blessed to be part of the Republican organization.”

Four Jackson County students were presented scholarships from the Jackson County Republican Party through the Richard Hand Scholarship to assist with their college education.  Tanner Andress from Cottondale High School, Cassie Brown from Malone High School, Tristan Mulder from Marianna High School and Max Scott from Altha High School were all presented scholarships at the Reagan Dinner. 

Sneads wins AA district championship

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The Sneads Pirates took on a familiar opponent in Altha for the AA district championship and picked up a 6-4 win to claim the district championship and advance to the state tournament. Right there with the team the entire way from the day all-stars were selected was their biggest fan, their mascot Weston Lewis. Weston has an interest in the game in that his brother Bryan is a key part of the team.  He was there through every heated practice leading up to the district games and did not miss a game, cheering them on with they were leading and picking them up when they were down.  Another key member of the team was Jolie’ Melancon who was the team’s ball girl. She put the balls in the machine at almost every practice and worked hard catching them coming back. 

Altha plated one run in the top of the first inning. Bryson Lewis led off with a single to get things started for the Pirates in the bottom of the first inning. Donnie Green singled to move Lewis into scoring position. Dennis Adams doubled home two runs, followed by three straight outs leaving Adams stranded at third. 

For Altha, they were unable to put any runs on the scoreboard in the top of the second. With one out, Caden Taylor had a hard hit in the bottom of the frame for the Pirates.  Will Green had a well-placed hit, but no runs crossed the plate. 

Neither team could put a run on the board in the third inning. 

After a scoreless top of the inning for Altha, the Pirates had a timely hit from Dennis Adams in the bottom of the fourth inning. Noah McCormick followed suit with a hit of his own, with Adams and McCormick crossing the plate before the final two outs were made. 

Altha scored their final two runs in their half of the fifth inning. Will Green had a two-out hit for the Pirates in the bottom of the fifth but was left at third.

Both teams were retired in order in the sixth inning.

Altha was unable to add any runs to their score in the top of the seventh and final inning. Donnie Green had a solid hit to get things going for Sneads. Dennis Adams brought the crowd to their feet when he had an inside-the-park HOMERUN and added two RBIs to his stats. With two outs, Preston Olvera tripled but was left on third but Sneads had secured the championship win.

Congratulations to the Sneads Pirates from the publisher and staff at the Jackson County Times.


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The Sneads AAA all-stars are headed to state after a 3-1 defeat of Liberty County to claim the district championship.  Pitching was the name of the game Wednesday night as Isaiah Perkins and Kinsey Ragans held the Liberty County offense to just one run. Perkins went five innings, allowed one run on three hits, three walks and fanned five batters in picking up the win.  Kinsey Ragans closed out the final inning and picked up the save, giving up one hit, no walks and no runs. 

In the top of the first inning, Liberty County had one base runner but no runs crossed the plate. Sneads got on the board with one run in the bottom of the first. With one out, Chase Ragans took one for the team and moved to second when Isaiah Perkins drew a walk. A walk to Kinsey Ragans loaded the bases for an RBI walk to Tyler Jones. A strikeout and groundout ended the inning.

Liberty County’s lone run came in the top of the second inning.  Sneads had a one-out walk to J. J. Harrel in the bottom of the frame for their only offense.  

A two-out walk was the only offense for Liberty County in the third inning. Sneads had a leadoff walk to Hunter Anderson and a one-out walk to Chase Ragans but no runs were plated. 

Liberty County had a three up, three down-inning in the fourth with a two-out double by Maddox Rabon being the only offense for the Sneads all-stars.

In the fifth inning, Liberty County had two base runners but neither crossed the plate. Sneads had a single by J. J. Harrell for their only offense. Liberty County came up empty in the seventh inning, despite a one-out hit.  Sneads capped off their night with two runs starting with Lane Kiser reaching and moving to second on a walk to Chase Ragans.  Isaiah Perkins was intentionally walked but that game plan backfired when walks to Kinsey Ragans and Tyler Jones plated a pair of runs. A strikeout ended the inning with Sneads claiming the district championship!

Verna Dunaway Radford – mathematically correct 24/7

Mrs. Verna Dunaway Radford’s career in the math classroom span decades at Marianna High School. From Mrs. Dunaway until 1970 and then Mrs. Radford, the one constant was her love of math and teaching. Students are usually a good indicator of a teacher’s impact on them, from the knowledge impacted on students to the personal concern shown for students. 

With every teacher feature I write, I find out things about teachers that, although I know or knew a lot about them, I find out new things I didn’t know. Mrs. Dunaway-Radford was one of those teachers. She had to have been because of the number of requests The Jackson County Times had to feature her as our teacher feature.  

Gina Collins had the pleasure of being in Mrs. Dunaway’s class in the early 60’s and has fond memories of her class, “She was always on top of things. Nothing got past her but that was in a good way. She could look out at the class as she was teaching and tell who was not ‘getting it’. I don’t know that I ever had a teacher like that before or after her. We had a boy in our class, Robbie, and he struggled with math but would never ask for help. You know boys back then had to be the stronger gender and he just sat in the back of the class and said nothing. One day Mrs. Dunaway called on him to come to the board, it was a chalkboard then and he told her quickly that there was nothing to erase. She assured him in a way only Mrs. Dunaway could that she was aware of that and he very sheepishly walked to the board. Then Mrs. Dunaway did the most out of character thing. She called on Dick who was the brains in the class and said, ‘Dick, I hear the kids think you’re the brains of this class so I want you to tell Robbie how to work this problem and he’s going to write exactly what you say on the board so the rest of the class who’s struggling can get it. See if you can help them out.’ Well, Dick didn’t have a clue either so Mrs. Dunaway worked through it with Robbie writing what she told him. And I left class that day believing Mrs. Dunaway had super powers and by year’s end, I was sure I was right.”

Roger Williams, long time resident of Marianna visits the Times office often and he remembers many of his teachers with Mrs. Dunaway being one of those, “Mrs. Dunaway was a sharp cookie and you better know she knew what was what. The little jitterbugs in the class didn’t last long with her, they’d be in the office requesting to move to an ‘easier’ class. Often, the office knew they’d be better off in another class rather than disrupting Mrs. Dunaway’s class because if you weren’t there to learn, you had no business in there. She was always a very kind lady, had a gift to teach math in a way that everyone understood it. Math is one of those subjects that you can’t always grasp but if you’d listen to her and ask questions when you didn’t understand, she’d give you every opportunity to be a math whiz. I had her for algebra I and then she moved midway my next year to the algebra II class so I actually had her for a year and a half, not because I failed but because I had told her one day, she was promoted. I remember she smiled about that.”  

I remember I had Mrs. Edna Elrod in seventh grade for math, Mr. Belon Pierce in eighth grade and Mrs. Radford in the ninth grade.  It was a given from my first six weeks in Mrs. Elrod’s class that I would have Mrs. Radford because Mrs. Elrod had already made that very clear, “You do well in my class and then you’ll have Mr. Pierce next year. When you get to ninth grade, you will have Mrs. Radford and you listen to her and you’ll be ready for trig and advanced math when you get to your senior year.”  Truer words were never spoken. Mrs. Radford was an awesome teacher. She sometimes appeared thin on patience but if you looked around, you would see the reason why. As you’ve read, Mrs. Radford didn’t mess around in class, she was all business. She didn’t allow ‘yawning’ in class which was never an issue until she talked about it and then you would see many hands go in front of mouths to avoid her seeing the yawn. Her concept behind that was that if you were yawning, you were bored and her class was nothing close to boring. 

A teacher who has the respect of her peers is one to admire but for one to have the respect and admiration of her peers and her students is one to cherish.  

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