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Diana Hughes Calloway – calming the worst of fears

Diana Hughes Calloway – calming the worst of fears

You can ask just about anyone what they dread the most and 90% of the time, you will hear ‘Going to the dentist’.  Makes you wonder how dentists make a living, and dental hygienist like Diana Hughes Calloway may be the key to that. 

This past week, the TIMES office received a call from a patient of Dr. Jeremy Lewis, a local dentist in Marianna. Ken Godfrey was about as excited as a three-year old on Christmas morning. He preceded his visit to the dentist with his fear of dentist, dental hygienists, and even dental offices. Godfrey said, “I’ve always had a fear of dentists, I don’t even like going when it’s just for a cleaning, I fear those too. I get shaky just walking in the office.”  Godfrey went on to say that he manned up and made the trip to Dr. Lewis’ office that day and waited nervously for the hygienist to come in. When she came in, they exchanged small talk and he realized that she was a friend of his now married daughter.  Godfrey said, “Man, I could go back tomorrow after she finished with me today. I never had an experience like this at the dentist. I wasn’t scared, shaking or anything – it was great. I can’t tell you how great it was.”

It’s no wonder the experience was a good one with Diana Calloway – her grandfather is Dr. Harold Gregg, retired dentist. Many Jackson Countians knew him well as their dentist and Diana followed in his footsteps in that line of work. Diana Calloway is quick to give her granddaddy credit for where she is today, “My granddaddy was most definitely the reason I chose a career in the dental field. I worked summers in his office from the time I was in middle school all the way through hygiene school.  Of course, he wanted me to go on and go to dental school and take over his practice but as a 19-year old, eight more years of school didn’t sound like something I wanted to do.” Calloway quickly adds hindsight is 20/20, “Looking back now, I wish I would have gone.”  

Diana has been very successful in the dental field, as is noted above by one of her patients but she has also been very successful as a parent.  She is the mother of four children, Gavin Calloway, age 17, Sara Ann Calloway age 12, Caden Calloway, age 11, and Abby Calloway age nine.  All are in school in Marianna and are excellent students.

Diana is the daughter of Dell and Karen Hughes and as noted earlier, the granddaughter of Dr. Harold Gregg and the late Barbara Gregg, and the late Odell and Sara Hughes. 

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