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Waste Management stands by abeyance on UIC

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Five generations of Malone Tigers

Five generations of Malone Tigers

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Shelia Mader

Shelia Mader

Sports Editor

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Sneads Pirates demolish the Wewa Gators 45-6

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The Sneads Pirates were eager to take the field last Friday night looking for win number four and three in a row.  Since dropping a weather-shortened contested game on the last day of August, September has been a month to remember for the Pirates.  They handed Bozeman a 27-7 loss, before heading to Franklin County, defeating them 38-20. Friday night was their biggest win of the season as they handed the Wewa Gators a 45-6 loss.  The win moves them to 3-1 in district play and 4-1 overall. 

Sneads put up 13 first-quarter points before topping that with 14 in the second quarter, taking a 27-0 lead into the locker room at the half. 

Sneads continued the route in the third quarter with 12 points going on the board and upping the deficit to 39-0.  Both teams put six on the board in the fourth quarter, with Sneads taking the landslide victory.  

Colton Mercer was two-for-two passing for 60 yards and a touchdown. Courtavious Garrett had one reception, a 51-yard pass from Mercer for a touchdown with Jay-Nathan Hayes adding a nine-yard reception.

Calvin Stringer was the catalyst Friday night, accumulating 246 yards on the ground on 13 carries and three touchdowns. Seth Scott also had a banner night with 125 yards on four carries and two touchdowns.  Garrett had four carries for 16 yards, with Alonzo Hill with one carry for nine yards. Trent Smith had seven yards on one carry while Hayes had four yards on one carry.  

Defensively, Ryan Cloud had four assisted tackles and one solo tackle, while Zach Thomas had one assisted and one solo tackle. Dillon Arnold had one solo tackle. 

Following the game, coach Bill Thomas was more than happy with this team’s level of play, “The offensive and defensive line played great, opened holes for our runners and defense just shut down Wewa’s offense. Very proud of this team.”  

They will look to make it four wins in a row and five on the season when they host Lighthouse Christian Friday night. Kick off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Waste Management stands by abeyance on UIC

In response to numerous calls and emails concerning confusion with information spreading about Waste Management renewing their request for a deep well injection permit, the TIMES spoke with Waste Management, NAACP President Ronstance Pittman, and Senator George Gainer.  All three have reiterated they are in close contact about any plans Waste Management has for any additional facilities in Jackson County.  

In a letter to Senator Gainer, Waste Management area vice-president wrote, “Dear Senator Gainer:  Thank you for your time in meeting with Gary Hunter and I on Monday, September 10, in your office. As a follow up to that meeting, I wanted to formally restate what I committed to you in our conversation.  Waste Management is proceeding to finalize an evaporator design for treatment of leachate generated at the Spring Hill Landfill. That process will require a modification to the air emissions permit for the landfill, which will need to be reviewed and acted upon by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  We expect to submit that permit modification application within the next 4 weeks.   As I stated to you in our conversation, Waste Management will not move forward with the UIC test well permit application that is currently being held in abeyance by FDEP at our request. At the moment Waste Management receives a non-appealable final air emissions permit, we will withdraw the UIC test well application.  We are most appreciative of the candor with which you have interacted with us over the past 15 months with respect to Waste Management’s options to treat leachate generated from the Springhill Landfill.  We look forward to continuing to work with you in securing the necessary approvals for the alternative approach and welcome any questions you may have regarding this letter.” 

In response to questions to Waste Management, they gave the following statement from Laura Aviles, Account Executive, “Waste Management is pursuing an evaporation process as an alternative to a deep well at Springhill Regional Landfill. If and when Waste Management secures all FDEP permitting required to operate such a process and this alternative solution is approved, we would eliminate pursuit of the deep well at this site and implement the evaporation process.”

Ronstance Pittman said in an interview Monday, “We, Senator Gainer and myself, are in direct and constant contact about any situation with Waste Management and they are adhering to their commitment to hold the UIC test well application in abeyance. We want to assure our citizens that we are staying on top of this.”  

Senator Gainer reiterated the same as Pittman saying Waste Management had offered their full cooperation. 

The TIMES will update our readers on any new developments with Waste Management and the Spring Hill Landfill.  

Cottondale does it again – defeats Chipley 26-15

  • Published in Sports

Call it momentum from last week’s solid win over Lighthouse Christian or call it a will to win but the Hornets will take the 26-15 win over the neighboring Chipley Tigers. 

The game didn’t start as well as the Hornets would have liked with them trailing 15-14 at the start of the fourth quarter but it was a rally in the fourth that pulled out the Hornet win.

Eriq Hendricks had an NFL kind of night with 77 yards receiving, two touchdowns and a 78-yard pick six! 

Issac Brincefield had quite a night with 175 yards on the ground and a touchdown. 

Defensively, Tyrus Dudley was a beast with 15 tackles on the night. 

Following the game, an elated coach Chris Obert summed it up in a few short words as only Obert can do, “God smiled on the Hornets”.  

Cottondale will hit the practice field Monday to prepare for their next context against Graceville.  They will host the cross-county Tigers with a 7:00 p.m. kickoff. 

Five generations of Malone Tigers

Charles Hagler has wished his great grandson a ‘happy first day of kindergarten’ this past August as did hundreds of other grandparents and great grandparents. What was unique about Charles telling ‘JC’ to have a nice day as he headed out to Malone School was that he was the fifth generation to attend that same school.  With the drive to move away from our roots at an all-time high, Hagler says he couldn’t be happier that he followed in his dad’s footsteps in attending Malone School. He adds that he was even happier when his daughter Scarlett graduated from Malone and chose to live and raise her family in Malone. His granddaughter, Kacee Floyd attended and graduated from Malone School.  This past August, her son ‘JC’ Jeffrey Cole made it five generations when he started kindergarten there. 

Hagler’s father graduated from Malone in 1925 and actually taught there before he graduated. Hagler said, “Back then you could get like an eighth-grade test and get a certificate and you could teach up to the eighth grade. The way he got to finish high school was he taught a half a day and would go to school a half a day and he wasn’t but 27 years old when he graduated. See he taught up there some and then I went to school up there.”  Hagler laughed when he said, “I’m the only failure in the family, I didn’t teach over there.”

Hagler went from elementary through the first semester of his sophomore year at Malone School, before transferring to Greenwood School. Hagler completed the second half of his sophomore year and his entire junior year. Hagler went on to say, “I lacked a grade and half from changing schools and everything and so I went on to barber college because I wasn’t going to waste another year of my life for that. I came back and went to night school and got my diploma through night school. Then my daughter went up there, she graduated up there and she taught up there.” 

When asked when his daughter Scarlett Floyd attended Malone School Charles Hagler said, “She started up there in the fourth grade and graduated from there.”

Hagler’s granddaughter Kacee Floyd is a graduate of Malone School and is currently teaching at her alma mater. Hagler says, “Three of the four generations that are old enough to have ever taught have taught up there.”

Hagler’s great-grandson Jeffery ‘J.C.’ Pittman is in kindergarten this year at Malone School. J.C. is the fifth generation to be a Malone Tiger. 

Hagler went on to say, “I was 17 when I started barber school and when I got out of it and started working here in town right after I turned 18. I got married when I was 19. It’s kind of funny how things worked out because I never would have thought Scarlett would have stayed around here. I figured that she would’ve moved way off somewhere, but she wound up staying around here. So, her children got to go to school in Malone.”

Kacee Floyd lives in Donaldsonville and teaches at Malone and Hagler said, “For her to wind up teaching up there too is kind of ironic.”

Kacee Floyd teaches middle school English at Malone and Scarlett now teaches at Sunland. Hagler says of Scarlett, “She taught at Malone for years, then she taught at Grand Ridge, taught one year at Marianna High School and then she got a job out at Sunland. I think this is the easiest job she’s ever had. Most of the time they get them on the computer and play with them on the computer and stuff.”

Charles Hagler is most definitely a Malone Tiger for life and is looking forward to seeing ‘JC’ make his way through graduation as a Tiger.  Whether he finishes there or at another school, it is safe to say the Haglers have made their mark in education at Malone.

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