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Jackson County prisoner charged with open count of murder

  • Published in Police

Frederick Walter Patterson, III was returned to Jackson County and housed in the Jackson County Correctional Facility in November of 2017 from Union Correctional Facility. Patterson was returned to face a second-degree murder charge committed October 2, 2015 while he was serving time at ACI.  Monday morning, January 15 at 2:02 a.m., the Marianna Police Department responded to Jackson County Correctional Facility in reference to a reported homicide.

The press release issued by Chief of Police Hayes Baggett said, “Upon officers’ arrival, it was reported to them by the correction’s staff that during a security check they discovered Frederick Patterson III had attacked his cellmate who died of his injuries sustained in the attack. Investigators determined it was an ambush style attack on the cellmate.”

Tuesday, in an updated press release, the victim was identified as 82-year old Arthur Williams, a resident of Ontario, Canada.  Patterson is listed as 21 years old. 

Court records indicated Patterson was scheduled for a pre-trial court appearance on Tuesday, January 16, with a January 29 trial date for the 2015 murder. 

The TIMES contacted Jail Administrator Mark Foreman Tuesday morning by cell phone.  Foreman stated he was notified around 2:30, give or take and initially said he arrived at 4 but wasn’t real sure.  In response to the question about Patterson’s previous charge, Foreman replied, “I’m not fully aware of his entire history while in DOC at ACI.”  He further stated in reference to Patterson being housed with another inmate, “Inmates that are accused of killing are not placed in solitary confinement. That is not a standard practice. He was housed in our maximum-security housing.  An offense is not a sole reason for solitary confinement.”  

Foreman stated the cell was last checked around 1 a.m. in compliance with an hourly check. About cameras in the jail, Foreman said, “We have a security surveillance, that is all I am going to say. We do have an adequate security surveillance system at the jail. I am not going to impede the investigation by Marianna Police Department.”

The victim, Scott Collingsworth, in 2015 at ACI was serving a 15-year sentence for robbery.  He had served approximately two years of that sentence at the time of his death. 

Arthur Williams was arrested for loitering or prowling, trespassing property not structure or conveyance, attempting to lure or enticing a child under 12, aggravated stalking with credible threat (perceived) false information to law enforcement officer, threat to bomb false report of planning bomb explosive according to the jail docket at the time of his arrest. 

As of press time Tuesday, Patterson was being housed in an isolation cell at the jail. The jail has seven such cells, four of which are used for medical issues.

Free throws deal win to Hornets in county rival game

  • Published in Sports

Coaches stress the importance of free throws in every practice, remind players during games and Friday night the level of importance of a free throw reached a new level with both the Tigers and the Hornets. With 1.3 seconds left on the clock, Cottondale was trailing 47-46. Amari Banks was fouled and went to the line. One of two from the charity stripe would tie the game and force an overtime.  Two would win it for the home team Hornets. Banks is a pretty solid free throw shooter and deals well with pressure, but this is before a packed gym with all the marbles on the line.  Shot one was nothing but net and the intensity in the gym was building.  Shot two – IN for the WIN!  

The game started out with all the intensity that ended it. After one quarter, the two teams were knotted at 12.  Amari Banks had the hot hands, picking up a pair of downtowners, with Dayron Garrett and Qui’darius Henderson both putting up a bucket. Cameron Brooks was two-for-two from the charity stripe.  For Graceville, it was Sam Wesley and Andre Brown posting four points each, while Xavian Sorey and Joell Green had two each.

The second quarter was a duplicate of the first quarter with both teams knotting it up at 10 points. Graceville got a pair of threes from Sam Wesley and four points from Joell Green.  For Cottondale, it was Amari Banks with four points, while Tykeece Bryant, Cameron Brooks, and Qui’darius Henderson all had two points each.  At the half, the game was intense and tied at 22.

The Tigers had a new look when they took the court in the third quarter and it showed on the scoreboard with 16 points while their defense held the Hornets to just eight points. Graceville spread their scoring around five players with Xaxian Sorey picking up four and the others posting three each.  Cottondale’s points came from four players, Dayron Garrett, Cameron Brooks, Dalvin Barnes, and Qui’darius Henderson.  With eight minutes left to play, Cottondale had some work to do, trailing 38-31. 

Coach Chris Obert is a master of the game from fundamentals to motivation to mindset and he must have produced a powerful minute between the final two quarters.  Graceville posted nine points to Cottondale’s 18 but none more important for Cottondale than the final two from the line by Amari Banks.  Banks posted six points, including four-for-six from the line, with Cameron Brooks having a stellar fourth quarter with eight points.  Graceville has five points from Sam Wesley and three points from Xavian Sorey.

Leading Graceville on the night was Sam Wesley with 19 points, followed by Xavian Sorey with nine points.  On board with seven points was Andre Brown, while Joell Green had six points.

For Cottondale, it was Amari Banks with 16 points, followed by Cameron Brooks with 14 points.  Qui’darius Henderson tallied eight points, with Dayron Garrett putting up six points.

County teams battle it out in Marianna Friday night

  • Published in Sports

The Marianna Bulldogs have dominated the court this year and Malone has had its struggles.  Through three quarters Friday night, the visiting Tigers gave the Bulldogs more than they wanted.  The Bulldogs wore down the Tigers in the fourth quarter and took a commanding 59-34 lead but after three quarters of play, the story was one of anybody’s game.

The Bulldogs took control in the first quarter with eight points hitting the boards before Malone answered with a basket by Taylor Brown. Marianna had four points from J’Vion Thornton, a three from Zay Peterson, and two points each from Werlean Pollock, Tavis Groomes, and Stefon McMillian in the quarter.  Marianna ended the quarter leading 14-3.  

In the second period, Malone’s offense came to life, topped off by a three-point buzzer shot from near half court by Odarius Murff that brought the crowd to life. The Bulldogs lead was 23-15 at the halfway point. Keegan Jones posted a pair of threes for Marianna in route to their nine points.  For Malone, it was Jarrod Southwell with five, Taylor Brown with four points, and Murff’s three. 

The third quarter kept the crowd on their feet.  Malone’s Demontrae Decree hit the first basket of the quarter making it a six-point game with Tavis Groomes answering with a point from the charity stripe. Joshua Rivers made it a five-point game with a basket followed by Werlean Pollock moving it to a seven-point advantage for the home team. Curtis Miley added a basket for Malone with Marianna answering with one by Zay Peterson. Nick Pollock went two-for-two from the charity stripe for the Bulldogs before Malone answered with a three by Curtis Miley to make it a 31-24 game.  Jarrod Southwell and Taylor Brown had back-to-back buckets to draw the Tigers within five at 33-28 before Werlean Pollock made it a seven-point game again. The quarter ended with Marianna leading by seven, 37-30.

The Bulldogs pulled away in the fourth quarter with nine points from Werlean Pollock and five from Stefon McMillian.

On the night, Malone was led by Jarrod Southwell with 12 points, followed closely by Taylor Brown with 11 points. 

Marianna’s workhorse on the night was Werlean Pollock with 13 points, followed by Keegan Jones and Tavis Groomes with eight points each.  Stefon McMillion had seven points on the night.

Marianna K-8 School start date delayed

The Jackson County School Board has had a delay in the start of construction of the new Marianna K-8 school.  Superintendent of Schools Larry Moore advised through a press release last Thursday referencing the reason for the start of construction original scheduled to begin in April 2018.

“Jackson County School District staff, the K-8 Design Team, and the Construction Manager are working toward a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The GMP is part of the construction management process that has been selected for constructing the new school.”

“Construction documents are being prepared by the design team.  The target date for completing the plans and specifications is March of this year, and the GMP process should be completed by June 2018.  The $57,000,000.00 allocation for the school is funded primarily by the State of Florida’s Special Facility Construction Fund for small, rural districts. The funds are dispersed to the district over a 3-year period in three equal amounts.  This funding cycle necessitates that construction be delayed 10-12 months initially to prevent a gap in the construction process awaiting the funding. For these reasons, actual construction is scheduled to begin in June 2018.”

In an interview with Stuart Wiggins, he said, “The state of Florida funds the school board with the money but they are spaced out over three years.  It only takes 20 months to build the school so if you start it too early, then you would run out of money before the project was over.  The press release was to let the public know we are still building the school, it will still go in that location, it will still satisfy the needs of all the K-8 kids in the Marianna area but the delay in the construction is do to the fact that the funding will not be here in total for three years.”

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