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Christmas Eve adoption seals a great Christmas Featured

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As Christmas approached, children’s eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning but one little girl was given the gift of a lifetime.  Children are born, without exception, with one parent.  That is a fact that can’t be denied. Unfortunately, circumstances happen and oftentimes, children are left without a single parent.  That is where foster care and adoption come in to play.  Each year, a growing number of kids are placed in foster care and many are adopted. It is not an easy and certainly not a quick process.  But the end result, quoting the Mastercard commercial, is priceless.

Christmas eve is a day every child looks forward to year after year. Santa is busy with the last-minute details of his soon to made trip around the world bringing gifts.  However, Christmas Eve 2019 is a day seven-year old Courtney Noble will never forget. That is the day she became a legal member of the Lee and Caroline family.  Courtney had lived with the Nobles for approximately nine months with Christmas Eve marking the day she was officially adopted and a member of the Noble’s family.   

Fun, crazy, and excited is how Caitlyn Noble describes her new young sister Courtney. “It feels like we finally got something done, I can’t imagine how she feels right now,” said 


Courtney didn’t have much to say, but she made one thing clear, she likes her family and her siblings, “I like it, I like my family, my sisters and my brothers. The day of adoption was filled with a lot of excitement. Out of all of the holidays, Christmas is Courtney’s favorite holiday. For the Noble family, this year will be one they won’t forget. 

“What better gift for a child than to have a forever permanent family, what better gift for a family than to have a child,” said Kathy Donofro, Big Bend Community Based Care.  

With more than 30 children up for adoption in the area, Big Bend Community based care hopes to find the kids a home, “If you think about it whenever you get married or an important event happens in your life, who do you tell, you want to tell your parents, these children have the opportunity to have parents that they can tell,” said Donofro. The family was happy to snap their first photo together as a full family. 

“It feels amazing, I’ve always wanted a little sister and the fact that i get two now, it’s a miracle,” said Caitlyn.

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