#16 St. Lukes Episcopal Church

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#16 St. Lukes Episcopal Church

The first Episcopal Parish was organized in Marianna in 1838, and the first building, of natural limestone, was constructed on the present site in 1851. The structure crumbled and was never used.

The second building was consecrated in 1863 only to be burned a year later, on September 17, 1864, during the Battle of Marianna. The pulpit Bible was saved by a Union officer, Major Nathan Cutler, and is on display in a glass case in the church.

The third building was completed in 1878 and was destroyed by fire of unknown origin in 1941. It was a board and batten building very similar to the present brick structure, completed in 1947. The present church has a most stately interior design and is especially noted for its outstandingly beautiful memorial windows.

Some of Florida's most distinguished citizens are buried in the church yard cemetery. To name a few: Governor John Milton (served 1861 - 1865), the wife and son of Dr. John Gorrie (Myrick Family plot), Caroline Lee Hentz, a nationally known author of the 19th century, a U.S. Senator, many early pioneers of note, and numerous witnesses to the tragic bloodshed and terror which was experienced in this general area on the day in 1864 when the Federal troops raided Marianna.

Cited from Self-Guided Tour of the Marianna Area.  Presented by Main Street Marianna and Chipola Historical Trust Jackson County Florida

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