Chipola Historical Trust 2014 Book Now Available

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Pat Crisp with Ernie McNeil Photo by Sandra Warren Pat Crisp with Ernie McNeil Photo by Sandra Warren

Chipola Historical Trust and the Jackson County Times are pleased to announce the publication of the 2014 Edition of Chipola Historical Trust Sharing Jackson County History. This is the compilation of the articles written over the last twelve months by Pat Crisp, Mary Robbins, Nadine Standland and articles Claude Reese previously wrote about Great Oaks and Greenwood history.

The books went on sale at The Times’ office Friday, December 19th. The books will be for sale there daily during office hours. (850-526-1501) for a $25 donation to the Chipola Historical Trust. There is an order blank below for books to be mailed. Please add $5 for each book to cover postage and packaging. The 2014 edition covers the articles written about how WWII affected Marianna, the M&B Railroad stories, the Chipola college story, including the tribute to Milton Johnson. It includes stories about the Satsuma industry yesterday and today, Grand Ridge history, the Watson Drug Store story, the day the sky rained airplane and fire over Marianna, and a great deal about Greenwood history and present-day Greenwood, and other interesting stories. The Edition 2013 is also available for those who might like to get that issue.

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