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Chipola Home Educators Kick Off the New School Year

Chipola Home Educators Kick Off the New School Year

Homeschool families gathered August 21 for the Chipola Home Educators (CHE) Ice Cream Social to kick the school year off. On the agenda for the year are many activities, including field trips to laboratories, educational tours, visits to museums and several plays, such as “Grease” at Wallace Community College.

Sherri McBride, Treasurer of CHE, introduced the first guest speaker for the evening, David Melvin. David and his wife Patty have homeschooled for about 15 years and he shared his insight from a father’s point of view. The Melvins have eight children, four of whom are still at home ranging in age from 7 to 18 years of age.

Melvin shared points from a recent sermon which detailed hallmarks of what an ideal family looks and operates like. He was quick to point out that this isn’t always how it works out. Here are the points:

1. Husbands, love your wives; be considerate and not harsh

2. Wives, submit to your husbands

3. Children, obey and honor your parents

4. Fathers, don’t irritate your children and cause them to become bitter David shared a moving testimony of seeking wisdom through perseverance. He said “Realize as homeschoolers you are going to face some joys and great times, but there is going to be some real challenges… perseverance will grow and develop your Faith”

The next speaker was Bryce Melvin, son of David and Patty, who discussed homeschooling from his perspective. Bryce gave a tour of his education, which was customized specifically for him and the interests he developed as he grew. He emphasized a key help was “developing friendships and relationships.” One of the programs he pointed out was TeenPact, a Leadership School which has classes at the State Capital. He was in the program throughout his homeschool years and then worked at TeenPact for about two years as an intern and a program director.

Bryce said: “I had the opportunity to do so many things in homeschooling that I would never have had time or the ability to do in a public or private school.” He started his first company at the age of 12, providing computer lessons and repair. He described his mom dropping him off at a client’s home and then picking him up a few hours later, then off to another client. This “real life training…… taught me some of the basics of business that I carry with me today,” Bryce said.

He encouraged the parents to look for interests their students show early and help them engage in responsibilities and ownership of those interests. The Chipola College dual enrollment program was another key element in his education, which prepared him for Florida State University, where he earned a degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

Bryce, his wife Holly and their son Joel recently returned Marianna. He expressed deep appreciation to his parents for the sacrifices they have made to give him the valuable experiences and lessons that he needed to meet challenges.

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