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Dale Cox Releases New Book About Forgotten Area Battle

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The Scott Massacre of 1817  Greensboro, FL -February 18, 2013 - Today the West Gadsden Historical Society (WGHS) announced the release of a new book detailing the first U.S. defeat of the Seminole Wars.

The Scott Massacre of 1817, by author and historian Dale Cox, is the first book-length study of the little-known but significant battle of that name that took place on the upper Apalachicola River on November 30, 1817. Thoroughly researched and illustrated with both original artwork and modern photographs, the book sheds dramatic new light on the encounter and its role in American history.

"The attack on Lieutenant Scott's command resulted in one of the most devastating defeats of a U.S. military force in history," said Cox. "It was the first U.S. defeat of the Seminole Wars, a series of conflicts that would continue for the next forty years."

According to the author, the battle took place when a force of several hundred Red Stick Creek, Seminole and African (Black Seminole) warriors attacked a U.S. Army boat on the Apalachicola River at the modern city of Chattahoochee. The attack was in retaliation for raids by soldiers on the Creek Indian village of Fowltown in what is now Decatur County, Georgia. By the time the smoke cleared, Lieutenant Richard W. Scott's command had suffered a stunning casualty rate of 98%, higher than that suffered by Custer's command at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

"Few people realize that this battle led directly to President James Monroe ordering General Andrew Jackson to invade Florida," Cox said. "Just four years after Scott was defeated on the Apalachicola, Florida became part of the United States."

The Scott Massacre of 1817 looks both at the causes of the attack at Chattahoochee and the repercussions that followed it, including the cession of Florida to the United States by Spain. Profits from the volume support the West Gadsden Historical Society.

The book is available at and from all other major online retailers or can be ordered by mail from the West Gadsden Historical Society, Post Office Drawer D, Greensboro, FL 32330-0803. Please include your check or money order for $27 per book, tax and shipping included. It is also available as an instant download for Amazon Kindle devices or apps.

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